Atlanta, A Random Escape

June 19th & 20th, 2019

Nick, Tim, and I went to go see one of our favorite artists, Jon Bellion, in Atlanta. During this time, Nick is making a game, Tim is working on his health, and I am interning at Knack.

Here are some highlights:



Ramen bar was tasty, wouldn't recommend the big cookie in the bakery on the second floor. Got a taste of what scooting in a bigger city was like (really fun), we had a concert to get to so we left around 3pm.



Lawrence and Marc E. Bassy opened up for Jon. Lawrence was amazing and I wasn't so much a fan of Marc, granted I didn't know them before showing up. Nick was angry because it took three hours before Jon started performing.

Jon delivered the best performance I've ever seen from an artist. From my perspective, an artist like him comes about when you are your own producer. He has no limits on how creative he can be, for example:

  • He played Cautionary Tales in a tribute to Rage Against the Machine
  • Ran through a creative exercise with his band that made them have to freestyle with each other which was awesome
  • Lawrence, the opening band, were part of Jons new label, "Beautiful Mind"





We rode scooters all day and took some fun(ny) photos. We were all really tired on the way back.

Always incredibly grateful to be able to have Nick and Tim in my life, they are and have been amazing friends since middle school. It was a necessary trip to catch up with one another and the exploration of new ideas (thanks Tim).

Now back to reality.

Update: Piedmont Park is a must go if in Atlanta, get a scooter if you can.