Hello! My name is Tony Faieta.

I’m a software engineer currently finishing up my last year of college at the University of Florida. I've worked at companies like SharpSpring, Grifin, and I also worked on my personal startup called Tess.

Apart from creating software, I also like to design and find it to be an integral part to my happiness. If you're on my website to potentially hire me, you should check out the projects page or skills page, but as of right now I'm not looking for opportunities as I'm I'll be working at Knack really soon!

For 2019, my goal was to create a website that really highlighted who I am and that I actively maintained. This is V1 of that website and I'm very happy that you've taken the time to check it out. If you have any feedback, feel free to tweet me @tfaieta.

What are you into?

I'm really interested in web technologies, design, next-level digital experiences, travel hacks, and fancy coffee. I've always loved to write code and design, so it's hard to force me to classify myself as either a designer or software engineer, the truth is, I've never let either designing or programming be an issue while chasing an idea. What really fuels me is the act of solving problems creatively, the pursuement of my ideas and when limited to either one or the other I get bored and feel trapped.

Someone once asked me, "What does your dream job look like?", and I'm still young so I can't give an ideal answer but I have had enough experiences to know some things. For one, I really enjoy working remote, not all the times, but at least having the ability to work from a coffee shop or from my house makes me happy and lets me mix things up.

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