Last Updated: May 3rd, 2018

A collection of the things that I've done at the places I've had the pleasure the work at.

Knack - Software Engineering Intern

Knack is an ed-tech startup based out of Tampa, FL with a small but extremely talented engineering team.

Online Sessions

Knack's web and mobile app facilitates in-person tutoring sessions and with their expansion to multiple Colleges and Universities across the US, the ability to be able to connect tutors with participants remotely became a necessity.

Solving this need was my project as an intern. You can read more about my experience here.

Engineering Blog

The CTO wanted a quick solution for an engineering blog and since I had recently spent some time redoing my blog, I had a solid grasp of how to work with GatsbyJS. So I spent an afternoon getting our blog page up and running.

You can check out Knack's engineering blog here.

SharpSpring - Software Engineering Intern

SharpSpring ($SHSP) is a SAAS marketing automation platform with an engineering team of 30+ and a team of 200+ employees.

i18n Internationalization

Managing translations at SharpSpring was getting tricky with the evolvement of complexity between moving to a modern JS stack and continuing functionality between a legacy codebase.

I helped to introduce a service that consolidated translations of 9 supported languages between the new and legacy repositories and successfully integrated it to their CD process. This was done using popular i18next family libraries which helped to consolidate a one-stop-shop for internationalization as well providing enough infrastructure to introduce new languages (including right-to-left languages).

SharpSpring has emerging customer bases in Europe and South America, so this feature was critical to continuing that expansion.

Tess - Software Engineer, Design & Product Lead, Founder

Tess was founded by Nick Ruspantini and myself to create a product that helped bring innovative social features to podcast players as well as bring podcast recording to mobile.

We ideated, built and rebuilt (and rebuilt again), wrote, shipped, got attention, and ultimately learned a tremendous amount about product-making, development, and people.

Ultimately, we officially closed down Tess at the beginning of 2019 due to a large amount of reasons, but Nick and I are still best friends and continue to support each others curiosities.