Last Updated: May 3rd, 2018


This website! It's built using some of the coolest web technologies such as React, Gatsby, and GraphQL! It meets the standards of a Progressive Web App and does great on the Lighthouse web audit.


In June of 2017, Nick and I started a company to create a better podcast experience. We wanted people to be able to create a podcast on mobile and to be able to do it for free. Throughout the year that we spent working on both Tess's web app and mobile app we learned so much about product design and running a company. We ultimately decided to open source all of our code after some personal events in both of our lives. Now, Tess's frontend continues to work, however, our API and our databases are not active anymore. You can see our code for our mobile app here and for our web app here.


I hate PDF's and if you knew me well, you would know how much I love anything with dark mode. So I made this desktop app that lets me view PDF's in dark mode it's available for MacOS download here, as a web app it's open source too!


I will make the occasional electron app and couldn't find a stack which included TypeScript React on the frontend so I made this boilerplate based off create-react-app's typescript flag.

App Template

Once in a while, I'll need to make an app or will want to explore the latest React Native additions, so I made this template to spin up a quick frontend for those apps.