Programming languages:

  • Javascript

  • Typescript


  • C++

  • Python

Additionally, I've worked with these libraries/frameworks:

  • React

  • React Native

  • Gatsby

  • Node.js

  • Express

  • GraphQL

  • Apollo Client

  • Firebase

  • WebAssembly

But what are you most interested in?

I'm really interested in the web, specifically technologies like WebAssembly that are changing what can be done inside a browser. Although the WASM web might be a few years away in my opinion, modern Javascript libraries are also pushing the browser to it's limits and are making the web more accessible which I am a fan of.

In the following year, I'll be focusing on working with different backend languages and trying to stray away from using the typical MERN stack web app. Specifically, I am looking at languages like Elixir, Rust, and Go because of their ability to be multi-threaded and typed.

What are some companies that you admire?

I think that Figma's rendering engine is really cool and what they have been able to pull off by creating such a strong multiplatform experience is a clear example of the future of web apps.

Discord is another company that I think is raising the bar of what a service in general is able to do. They handle users on a multitude of platforms speaking concurrently with each other and throughout my use of the service I've never experienced any issues.

Goals for 2019?

Learn as much as possible about WebAssembly, Go, and Rust while making sure that I'm keeping up with the latest in Javascript.