Last Updated: August 3rd, 2019

I've created this page to not only the skills that I have professional experience with but also those that I personally spend my time in. I've grouped these into their base languages, not by frameworks or libraries and have expanded on my experience with them.



  • Professionally: I've written React for two years professionally and keep up with latest releases and practices in the ecosystem.
  • Personally: React is my go-to for all side-projects and has been for four years. As of 2019, I have been reaching for Typescript React as my default flavor of React since I used it at SharpSpring and enjoy the experience in VSCode.


  • Professionally: I helped to write a service during my time at SharpSpring that operated on a NodeJS backend as well as have solved day-to-day problems in a NodeJS ecosystem.
  • Personally: I have written GraphQL API's with NodeJS.


  • Personally: Python is my scripting language of choice. I see it as a a great tool in my utility belt and have created bots, weird-hacks, Jupyter Notebooks, and anything else I need it for.


  • Personally: I've been learning Elixir on the side since the beginning of 2019 and admire it because of its type-safety, incredible documentation, helpful community, and ability to create stable and fast backends.


  • Personally: I've become a fan of Rust because of it's ability to compile into WebAssembly, create CLI tools, and it's evolving networking capabilities.


  • Personally: I was introduced to Go at SharpSpring and would group it along with Rust and Elixir as I explore it to find better and more elegant ways of creating services.


  • Personally: I've become familiar with the emscripten compiler and have used Rust and C++ to compile to WebAssembly and understand how WebAssembly allows me to have a great tool in my toolchain when making applications.


  • Academically: I have written C++ for three years throughout my entire undergraduate career between different courses.